Latest updates about participation in the Breathing Together research project

Are you interested in participating in the Breathing Together research project?

The NHS Hospital Trusts taking part are Aberdeen, Chelsea and Westminster, Edinburgh, Isle of Wight and The Royal London Hospital. If you are pregnant and booked in to any of these hospitals for your care/birth, you are welcome to take part.

Mothers between 20-36 weeks in their pregnancy are invited to enrol their baby ready for the first study visit. All newborn babies that are born at term and are less than 10 days old can also be included. The study is aiming to include 1000 healthy term babies over a three year period. These can have had any type of delivery but should be single births and most likely be staying in the UK for the next three years (to enable follow up).

We would visit you and your newborn baby at the time of your first midwife visit (home or hospital) usually when your baby is around eight days old and again when the baby is one year old and three years old.

The samples needed from the baby for analysis would include a drop of blood (usually taken at the same time as the routine blood spot test done on all newborn babies), urine, mouth and nose swabs and nasal brushings, taken by your Research Nurse in your home at a time to suit you. All these samples are routinely taken as diagnostic tests in young babies in hospitals.

There is a monthly contact by phone or email to see how the baby is. If he/she has developed a wheeze after 6 months old, we would like to follow the baby’s progress more closely, offer support and repeat the set of samples.

We would love to hear from you. We are happy to send you a more detailed information sheet about the study and answer any questions you may have.

Please contact the Study Manager:

Mindy Gore, PhD

Mobile: 07566950914



Participant Information Sheet