Breathing Together is a five year research and engagement programme exploring breathing and lung health in children.

The Breathing Together research project aims to understand how asthma and breathing problems develop in young children. We want to find out how to predict which children will get asthma and to find out how we can stop them from getting the condition. The Breathing Together research project will include 1000 newborn babies from across the UK (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Isle of Wight, London). Mothers between 20-36 weeks in their pregnancy or those that have given birth to a baby at term are invited to enrol. For more information about how to participate in the research project see Participation. We welcome our clinical and scientific colleagues to learn more about the Breathing Together research and resources by visiting Research.

The Breathing Together engagement programme will engage children under five and their families about breathing and lung health through a wide variety of fun activities, games, animations and family festival events. For more information about the Breathing Together engagement programme see Engagement.